Monday, 2 September 2019

Time to Heal

by Sandra Walls

Time makes lovers feel they’ve got something real.
But what is real but the soft touch of flesh and the kiss. 
The kiss of love or he kiss of the dragon.
There’s a dragon inside everyone, all encompassing, fiery, yielding to it’s power. Powerful, yet dormant, until… something stirs the embers.
The embers of the souls breathe life into otherwise a lifeless body, a shell, husk of a life past.
And what of the past? Memories of love? Hate?
No!... But jealousy, envy, greed, lust – of and all the seven deadly sins.
And all the sins of the sons of god – all of us, blest with Grace.
Behold Grace.  For it is truly a wondrous gift – from the heavens angels, heaven’s gift, but a gift of light that tears down the shadows of fear in the dark; to feeling cozy in the dark.
The dark must not be feared but embraced, as it gives rest, a shield, a place to hide and heal, of solitude.
All need solitude, for solitude lets your mind set itself free from the shackles of worry and constant berating thoughts.
Thought, analysis, to think, we all need time by ourselves to think.
And, to think something, whether it’s true or of imagination.
Life? Here… or Beyond…
Take time… to heal.
And time makes it real.

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