Friday, 13 September 2019

Scribes on Peccadillo

Navvies' Barge is the new name for Peccadillo but somehow that old name keeps surfacing in stories... and paintings. Aileen's first attempt at painting  a barge was ace, particularly the portrait of Richie the dachshund!

by Helen Elsley

3 scribes sat upon a bow
Sat upon a bow, sat upon a bow
3 scribes sat upon a boat
And its name was Peccadillo.

The first scribe
Wove silken sails of gold
Selkie tales untold, salty tales of old
The first scribe wove selkie tales of woe
Embarked on Peccadillo.

The second scribe
Had wisdom to the core
Wisdom to the core, priceless tales of yore
The second scribe was furthest from the shore
Afloat in Peccadillo.

The third scribe
Wrapped pain up in a joke,
Poked lightly at the woke, kid on he’s just a bloke
The third scribe made wonders when he wrote
Aboard the Peccadillo.

The fourth scribe
Couldna write at a’, went in the cabin door
Had cake and then some more
The fourth scribe dropped pencils on the floor
and dreamed on Peccadillo.

Portrait of the artist - can you find her?

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