Monday, 26 August 2019

Sunday Night

Our theme for Friday 23/8 Water Story was
"Sunday Night: an  exploration of what we might lose while grieving for something we still actually have"

and some quite extraordinary life contemplation came out of it. There was a distinct move towards mindfulness via a contemplation of the rhythm of life. It's interesting that a shared article  from the Irish Independent recommends mindfulness as an antidote to the "Sunday Scaries".

Here's what Cap'n Bev found among the musings:


What is the heartbeat without the silence
between the thudding pump of our life organ?
What is day if there is no night into which it can dawn?
What is spring if there be no winter out of which to bud,
and what is winter’s respite without summer’s
punishing expectation of achievement?

Rest now, in the place that you thought was dark;
in the silence where you feared the heart
would never beat again. Heal
in the spaces between your breaths.
Embrace the exquisite stillness of that quiet
till you care no more what’s to be done with the breath to come
nor what was said by the breath before.

BS Aug19

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