Monday, 2 September 2019

The Wedding Gatecrashers

by May McIntyre

Aeroplanes land from faraway places.
Cars negotiate the hairpin bends.
Bikers throttle repeatedly as they wind their way up the steep hill.
All heading in the same direction.
The Wedding Guests
arrive here in their droves.
Here to the  Pog!

The Pog- an Italian village.
Italian??  Italian??
It will be anything but
for the next few days

Americans, Canadians,
Polish, English,
Irish to name but a few
And of course
Not forgetting
The kilted Scots
who arrive by the score!
They have all infiltrated
this  little Italian village
known affectionately to the Macmillan family as
The Pog!

An invitation only event?
Legitimate guests clutch one.
Harriet and Freddy invite you.....
So lovingly made for all
apart from ....
The Gatecrashers that is!
But they make themselves
well and truly known
to every single guest.
They are invisible
but they leave their mark
on every nationality -
nobody is exempt .

A wee red mark or
if you are unlucky -
a clutch of red wields.
That itch and itch!
Nothing seems to
Ward them off.
Nothing !
Not even
Franny's wonder
Its stench actually wards off sensitive humans!

we've all been visited
somewhere on our bodies
by  the
of the
Few have escaped
the wrath of
The Wedding Gatecrashers .

That itch though
will be a reminder
to us all of
the fantastic days
and nights spent
in a small Italian village
which opened its doors
and  heart
to us all.

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