Monday, 2 September 2019

Me, Myself and I

by Sandra Walls

There’s far too many things inside me.  When they all work its fine and there’s harmony, but harmony can quickly stop and cause havoc, when it’s really bad it can turn to chaos.
There’s me, myself and I, then there’s my conscience and her wee sister subconscious.
They bother me, especially conscience but once the subconscious gets a hold of that thought, that’s it, the game’s a bogey. It never lets you forget. They also fight with each other a lot.
Forget sometimes takes over and you can’t remember a thing.
Then I’ve got, my, mind, my body and soul. They always work together.
But my spirit is a loner.  It only comes out when you most need it.
But having a healthy mind, body and soul helps it to stay strong.  My spirit will never break.
People have tried, and they have made it feel worthless at times, and lost but it always finds strength from somewhere.

Somewhere is also inside me, it’s all around. And it tells me where to go.
Inside my body and me, I’ve got a heart, it sometimes breaks.  But time is a great healer.
Time just ticks along, just like your heart, and you just hope neither of them stop working.
The heart often wants you to listen to it, but it wrestles with head.
Heart or head, I get confused sometimes.
Confused is a rascal, when he gets the opportunity, he’ll muddle your mind.
Opportunity comes along from time to time, and sometimes knocks at your door.
But you have to open it to succeed.  To succeed you need to strive and call upon determination to take over, but when they do its magic.
I’ve never really had any bother with my lungs, they just keep themselves to themselves, working away quietly.
They did mind when I smoked though, it made their job harder.
My kidneys sometimes get an infection, kid’s eh.
My knees also creeks along with my bones, these two are directly connected, you can’t walk with one without the other.
And feet, they can ache if you go too far, but they can be easily soothed with a bit of TLC and a loving pair of hands.
Those hands can work you to the bone, but prefer to caress or play piano with its fingers and get their tips varnished, or like me now, typing my first bestseller.

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