Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Some darker ruminations...

Sometimes our work takes us to darker places and these too are important to explore. Sheila's piece follows Mary Oliver and Mary's arose after the Poems for Refugees book - these were selected for the anthology by a variety of artists after the horrors of 911.

Dark heart of a story that is all the reason for its telling
by Sheila Buchanan after Mary Oliver's "The Chance to Love Everything"

The dark is dark long after the sun has set
The light has energy; its spectrum splits into many colours
Each with its own absorption.

The dark heart is heavy and weighed down
With no people to tell us the story
In years to come will we know the dark truth.

The heart can be heavy or light as a feather
It beats reliably without tether
It beats without knowledge of stories untold
Doubt is the reference to be welcomed not feared

The heart will skip a beat
Be light hearted it’s the only way
With The chance to love everything
as the moon shines over the light sky.

by Mary Lazou  07/05/20

The cries and screams of shattered dreams
The scorching heat beneath my feet
That choking smoke - I have no wish to burn alive
So raise my arms and through that window dive.

Suspended for a moment in the sky
My life in seconds flashes by
Now plunging downwards to the ground
Too stunned to utter any sound.

Soon to keep my rendezvous with Death
Upon my lips, your name I whisper softly as I draw my final breath.
"Love is all and all there is" I sigh
For us denied the right to even say "goodbye".

For all watching World  confusion and an everlasting sorrow
My pain today but surely yours tomorrow.

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