Saturday, 16 May 2020

Looking forward

During one of the recent sessions we indulged in some street party planning. Here we have two very different pieces that both capture the trepidation with which we approach that elusive exit from lockdown.... when will we ever "coorie in" aboard the barge again?

Heading away from home
by Sheila Buchanan

It’s a wild goose chase
Filtering an abundance of facts
Delivered every day to keep us tethered indoors
Search the clear blue skies for the flocks flying over
We struggle with this new normal
Filled with a human perplexity And losing our own controls

In the hope of heading out of home again
I know what I know Distorted by a new reality
And mindful of an old existence.

Street Party
by Lou Terry

A street party for the end but
How will we know when it’s the end?
That nothing will come slithering back
To suffocate us?
Who should we believe?
The donkeys who led us here,
Or the unprotected lions who tried to save us?
Lions led by donkeys
Yet again ...
When will we take over
And be led by lions!?
Then I’ll party in the street..

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