Monday, 11 May 2020

Live session 11/5/20 ~ Trees by Herman Hesse

Today's writing prompt

a kernel is hidden in me

was taken from the remarkable 100-Year-Old Love Letter to Trees by Herman Hesse. It was brought to my attention through the marvellous Sunday delivery of "Brain Pickings" by the Bulgarian writer Maria Popova. This week she features an art video taking you on a virtual tour of Kew Gardens while  the dulcet Natascha McElhone reads - this is a highly recommended escape from lockdown! This project of Natascha's film is called Wander, and this is episode 4.

With a little time to hand near the end of the session we sought out a second writing prompt from "The Weighing" by Jane Hirshfield:

only the strength we have

A typically powerful and moving collection of pieces came out of both prompts today (come back to this blog to see it) - a mixture of fear, compassion, frustration and uncertainty that seems to be the result of our locked down status.

Water Story aching to be out on Loch Lomond again...

I am moved to share with you a sound piece of advice I received from a wise woman in Zimbabwe after I called her this week in a floundering state of angst.

Stay Sharp
by Sonia Pereira

One would have to be an incredibly realised being to know what's actually going on amidst the magnitude of forces and influences from a multitude of dimensions impacting this existence at this time. Given that, it would seem the best orientation would be to be as informed as possible keeping an open mind and also bearing in mind that in a wounded, fragmented world there are all manner of distortions at play.

We cannot in any way predict what will unfold here in the interplay between the polarities of 'this is the evolutionary leap' to 'this is the ultimate dystopia in the making'. Neither is that far fetched and certainly either are plausible/possible. We don't know... 

Perhaps the more important question to ask rather than trying to project into the future from the place of not knowing is:

What am I aligned with?
What am I giving my life force to?
Fear, separation,  blame and judgement    OR     love, connection, inclusivity and empathy?

My personal belief is that this is what will ultimately influence what is to unfold, not our argument about what is true or not true... we don't know! Be informed as best you can - inclusivity means listening to all points of view without adhering to any.... an open mind knows it doesn't know anything for certain and thereby remains alert and responsive. A closed mind that thinks it knows is much more likely to get hoodwinked or blindsided.

Stay sharp people!

However this major disruption unfolds one thing's for sure - we're all in this together so let's take a breath and stay grounded as sensibly as we are able.

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