Thursday, 23 April 2020

Should I - Shouldn’t I?

Meeting online means we have May joining us regularly from Inverness. Here is an sunset from there and a poem from May.

Should I - shouldn’t I?
by May McIntyre

It twirls and turns as it glides past my window like a ballet dancer experimenting with new moves.
It’s gone out of my view but still exists.
I know because it exists in my world.- our world- everybody’s world.
Exists in this surreal world we are all living in right now - yes right now- right this minute.

Should I or shouldn’t I?
That’s the question on my lips that has arrived there from my brain which seems to be on lockdown too.
It’s on more than lockdown though - shutdown would be a more accurate description.
Why has it shutdown?
To block out all the sadness that surrounds it?
To try to find happiness again?
Or to just let me be at peace during these turbulent times?

Should I - Shouldn’t I
Go and investigate to see where it has gone on it’s journey on this windy day.
Today I do not know the answer to that question.
Months ago it would not have been a question at all.
How our world has changed when I am in doubt whether I should pick up that piece of rubbish or not!

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