Monday, 20 April 2020

"Street Party" ~ Live Session 20/04/20

What a rich session we had today, seeking out a more positive frame of mind by conjuring up the street party at the end of the corona mess. Look at this miraculous writing:

But the real gift today was the sharing of our respective states of mind in these unreal times: the loss of appetite for news, drama, social media and other entertainments. Invaluable insight  came from different group members on mental health compromises (both now and once this is all over) that arise from the current "hyper-vigilance", even though much of it is sub-conscious or even dissociated (Peter had some information on the machinations of the hippocampus in this regard... fascinating, but don't ask me to relay it. Peter?). 

Tara had some mineral recommendations: as much vitamin D as you can, as well as zinc and vit c apparently helps battle any such viruses. She will be sharing a short mindfulness session with us next Monday as part of the session - yay! 

Both Sheila and Pat encouraged us all to be gentle with ourselves given the current shortage of brain space, and May's piece of writing has triggered an idea to design a flag to be waving when we finally have the street party.

Thanks for a quick submission Sandra... come on the rest of you!

by Sandra Walls

Now were out from shielding
Our brains are still in shock
Let’s focus on the future
Don’t get stuck under lock
Let’s put our heads together
And party away in awe
A great big get together
The biggest since the war
Capt. Tom, Moore - millions raised
And medals on lapel proudly displayed
In his hero’s war suit he is dressed

For that street party will be the best.

Our second prompt (that everyone took home because the session came to an end) was

what do I know

This is intended as an antidote to all the fuzzy reporting and unpredictability. In the spirit of Water Story we bring our attention back to our here and now, our own individual and mindful realities and write about one thing that you do know for absolute certain.

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