Wednesday, 1 April 2020

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Ahoy Water Story Writers

This post is to share a couple of creations and a link from Giovanna. Our "mass observation", the writing we are doing as part of our Quarantino Diaries (final format is still being finalised) might result in pieces of writing that you could submit to the Museum of Ordinary People. Click the link here to check it out: 

I am Stuck
Peter Gallagher

I am stuck.
Stuck to know what to tell you.
It has overwhelmed me.
I put on a brave face but I am alarmed.
Everything is the same but different.
The world has been jolted off its axis.
We crave certainty and order but no one has an answer.
There is only confusion and at the same time that we need to feel the comfort of a loving embrace we are forced to keep our distance and cope alone.

March 2020

... and of course here is a beach painting from Aileen just to cheeer us up:

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  1. I like this Peter. You convey that feeling of quiet grief silent shock. I like the word off its axis. You inspired me to put thought to paper that are in my heart and head.. Keep safe. EILEEN 🌱