Tuesday, 13 November 2018

September 7th Water Story’s chosen theme was “Craft”

Cap’n Bev facilitating:
My objective here was to take our writing to the next level. It’s all very well journaling and free-writing but a time comes when the material begs attention, when the scribblings we produce are worthy of further work and of sharing. Unable, ever, to resist the maritime puns I called the session “Craft”, and in our contemplations and sail invited writers to consider this approach, not just to writing,  but to their individual lives. Which of their life gifts did they feel they should be honing, taking to the next level? Such endeavour calls for the mindfulness that Aileen admirably captured in her reflection of the day:

My work

My work
is to sit quietly.
My work is to sail amidst reedy banks
to sip tea whilst drifting over lily pads
the still water a mirror
for every building we pass
a looking glass for the trees.
My work is to pay attention
to the way the clouds form
then break apart
ever changing
never needing to achieve
a thing but to be
who they already are.
My work is to see
how sunlight warms the trees
is filtered through leaves
belongs with shadows.
We pass buildings once thriving
now shuttered with black plastic
like mourning clothes.
A gull lifts from the river
its dripping feet make green circles
rippling the water,
breaking the trees’ contemplation
who know their work is growing
connecting with the earth
and all that lives.
This is our purpose
our work
to live our lives
as we see fit to.
To pay attention to everything.

by Aileen Paterson

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