Saturday, 17 November 2018

If Moses came fae Maryhill

At last! we have coaxed (coerced?) submission from Helen; and a thought provoking one at that! Thank you Helen - more please.

by Helen Elsley

If Moses came fae Maryhill
his maw would’ve had to hide him
in these tatty bulrushes along the canal edge,
with the wash of the Peccadillo to rock and soothe
and the squawky mallard shenanigans
to make the baby laugh.

Coorying him away from the Border Force
to keep him out Dungavel’s gates,
she’d lay him down where the pylons stand sentinel
by the calm waterside.
tucked behind the high flats
out of the main road roar and the city rush.

In the absence of Pharaoh’s daughter,
Miriam would have to point out her brother’s
Tesco value baby box
to a cannily chosen Bearsden dogwalker
with a child-friendly labradoodle,
and room for one more in the new extension.

If Moses was fae Maryhill,
would Balmoral or Bute House
thole his full-grown urge to speak
four-square, truth to power?
And would he finally lead us
out of this mess of our own making
into a more promising land.

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