Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Captain of the Page

by Cap'n Bev

We cast off,
coffeed, caked, connected.
My brave warriors-for-wellness have dandled their pens across rippling pages.
In the breeze of a prompt they set sail on each their own journey,
splicing the tension, the pain and the fear into splendid strong ropes of preparedness,
shyly sharing their craft for the wonder and cheer of our woodstove cabin crew.

Now we’re off
in search of the kingfisher, cormorant and coot.
The moorhens and mallards stalk close to their nested banks,
Peccadillo’s engine heart beats with the laughter of the chatting crew,
the propeller pushes on against a strong green fold of plaited wake
and I?                                    

I am the happiest captain of the cut.

1 comment:

  1. So Lovely! I can see and hear the joyful Captain Bev and her plucky crew of parturient poets.... Xxxx