Sunday, 6 September 2020

Live Session 4th September ~ Forgetfulness

Loving Lou's doodle date... such a cheerful flower! Now I arrived slightly disheveled at the meeting today having been brought stuttering to my desk by an insistent poem after my morning graveyard cycle. It simply had to be written... here it is:

Lazy Ghosts
by Bev Schofield

The lazy spirits linger long
in leafy graveyards left,
wait for copulating couples
whose weekend drunken dalliance
does drop their guard.

Among the raunchy groans,
ghostly whispers weave unheeded.
Weeds and trees wave warning
as the dead ones slip among their breath,
reincarnate as children of whom people say
how strange… how unlike their mum or dad…

The wiser ones remain as trees that take no heed
of huff and grunt, of drunken fornication.
Up, up, up they grow, for lover take instead the breeze
to hear the air of nearby seas, 
occasionally shake heir autumn leaves 
on a world gone mad.

Would one not happier be as one of these?

the name of the author is  first to go

Inspiration for our first writing prompt came from the Bill Collins poem "Forgetfulness"

Stunning pieces as ever and these have been promised an airing on the blog .... soon... meanwhile here are some new Msasas that were being picutured in Zimbabwe on the very same day we were discussing them in Water Story:

Our second piece of writing took prompt from Ezra Pound's piece:

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass

These days
by Giovanna MacKenna (*after Ezra Pound)

Sometimes I long for the quiet days
to be the mouse moving silently
invisible through the roar around it
There is so much noise now, so
many warriors shaking the grass
raising their spears, wide mouths
raging words down on those below
There are so many wars being fought
with little thought and much fervour
I long to slip through the tall golden
stems, without a rustle or a squeak

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