Sunday, 23 August 2020

Live Session 21st August ~ What matter?


These sessions have become a haven of incisive and sensible conversation in a new reality that saps our creative resources. We're having to reinvent ourselves, while all too many institutions insist on reiterating the processes of the old. Giovanna's example summed it up, her kids school insisting on the children wearing tie and blazer when these items are not easily washable, therefore presenting an ideal virus vector.

Our writing prompt came from the Kay Ryan poem Galápago that you'll find in her anthology "The Best of It". I'm afraid I haven't managed to find a copy of it online but you can enjoy some of her poems at this link.

Lou recommended a heartening project called Teach the Future


Yes Water Story writers, at last we are getting OUT! Onto the water... email Bev if you'd like to be added to the list for this trip and arrangements will follow. For social distancing reasons you must please make your own arrangements for getting to Tarbet; be aware there will be stringent measures in place to protect some of our more vulnerable writers.

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