Monday, 20 July 2020

Live Session 20th July ~ Grrrrrrrout!

Inspiration for today's session came from a predictive text error Lou had, get out being changed to grout. How appropriate - getting out but somehow still holding the tiles together. Our writing prompt was taken from neil Astley's second anthology, Being Alive, which all too pertinently follows Staying Alive. And this is where we find ourselves, needing to be alive now we've stayed alive... but we really need to grrrout!

Great conversations were had as always, one topic been the difficulty for deaf people that face masks present - several of us have realised that most of us use a measure of lip reading to follow conversation. Lou has discovered these SMILE MASKS that are very much in demand.


by Kay Ritchie


gir outta ma way
gir outta ma face
gir out’n’about
gir outta the house
stay alive   be alive
but stay away from me
keep your distance
your 2 metres
stop sneaking up
scudding past
making me
nervy   tetchy   jittery  
‘cause I’ve been
wrapped up like a parcel &
don’t feel ready to
peel off the paper   undo the knots
I’ve been curled & coiled & cloaked &
don’t want to be unbuttoned or
tangled in your hair
I’m feeling feral   ferocious  
so beware
gir outta ma way

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