Monday, 13 July 2020

Live Session 13th July ~ Greta Thunberg & Yowann Byghan

Easdale Island was the host location for our session today in which we discovered the extraordinary Cornish poet Yowann Byghann who lives on Seil Island. We drew inspiration from his poem:

The Black Isle (click the link to visit his website - this and several poems here )

Conversations and feelings were deep this morning and Yowann's words wash about me still with the remarkable writing that was shared after our timed writing prompts. We started the day with the prompt

world crisis 

inspired by a BBC radio airing of a "Seriously..." episode:

Greta Thunberg, a moving radio reading of her trip across america. She is stunned to discover the world's alacrity in dealing with pandemic when the global warming crisis is killing so many more people, but our focus was more on this teenager's discovery of her unassailable vocation in life. Calmly unaffected by fame or threat, she brings the plight of our planet into shocking focus with her unique personality. We can but dream of finding the steady kind of paths of our own that manifest out own gifts and personalities so completely.

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