Monday, 22 June 2020

Live Session 22nd June ~ Solstice with Kenneth Steven

Today's session was a life masterclass on the craft of writing... for which Cap'n Bev claims little credit but the facilitation. The process of writing, the timeline between inspiration and groundwork of building a piece up to the best it can be,  this is generally a lonely journey, but we all found validation in the sharing of our writing journeys this morning. I have permission from the author to quote:

If there's a chance for something to get out, it does.
by Giovanna McKenna

The curious observation of the morning was the list of obstructions to writing that might be considered "successful" ... and I am heartened to discover that we perceive that success to be more than publishing or praise... that these writers KNOW when it's a good piece. As writers we can be hindered by criticism, cruelty, self censorship, mental health compromises or just plain lack of time.

There's a random rhododendron since they're pretty stunning at the moment. Our inspiration for writing this morning came from the breathtaking poetry of Kenneth Steven: Island

the sun never died completely in the night

And if lockdown is getting to you, take an audio trip to the islands of the west of Scotland by listening to a five part series from BBC Radio 3's Essay series:

Mindfulness and Writing

Thanks to a piece of funding from Foundation Scotland we have an 8 week project starting on Friday 26th June - click the link above for more information. 

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