Monday, 15 June 2020

Live Session 15th June 2020 ~ Dark & Light with Kim Stafford

You could  all but smell the Water Story coffee in this morning's session as the conversation grappled with the Black Lives Matter events of the past week or two. 
In fact our writing prompt

dark and light together

came from a piece called Pandemic Coffee restoration Ritual  that you can read here among Pandemic Poems by Kim Stafford

Once you've had a look at that, treat yourself to the audio visual delights of a further collection: Poems for the Pandemic from the Oregonian

Kim Stafford is the guest speaker at the Lapidus webinar after the AGM on Thursday 25th June; if you haven't booked your tickets for those events then scroll down the page - I've pasted links again at the end of this post.


Many thanks Kay for the following links - come on writers, I'm hoping we will find you in these competitions, hmmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmmmm?

University of Aberdeen's Lockdown Lore Collection Project

this from University College Dublin


Today I'm happy to be sharing a poem from John Young who we haven't seen in a wee while; his powerful piece here gives us an idea why that might be:

And the ball keeps bouncing
by John Young

We watched you exhale the final time; we screamed soundlessly. 
And the ball keeps bouncing. 

The world has set itself on fire; burned out homes, ravaged streets.
And the ball keeps  bouncing. 

Monsoons drown the screaming, and the klansmen keep on lynching.
And the ball keeps bouncing. 

The virus sweeps the world; parks, shops, all stand still.
And the ball keeps bouncing. 

Fear and loathing stain our conscience. 
And the ball keeps bouncing. 

The trees keep growing; the fish keep swimming; the rivers keep running; the birds keep singing. 

And the ball keeps bouncing. 



LAPIDUS AGM (Zoom) - Thursday 25th June from 5:30pm
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LAPIDUS Webinar with Kim Stafford - Thursday 25th June from 7:00pm

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