Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Peanut butter away

by John Young

What a beautiful  summers day sun splitting the sky, glowing and inspiring yet the east  wind screams through our bones,enough to make  you cry.

The barge is resting at peace  ,  diesel  fills our nostrils,  pens and pencils are primed and ready to write , ears on full alert listening  , waiting  yet  , yes its time for a fleece.

Clunk, clank boom we are ready for the off.
Captian  Bev gives us the shout 

"Peanut  butter away"   

Looking forward to  our adventure  on a glorious  day.

The question  is what do we know ?,we ponder we drink coffee  we go with the  flow.

Bish bash bong the old lady murmurs  along ,carrying  the writers dreams,   hopes and fears  a bit of laughter  and a wee tear.

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