Wednesday, 26 April 2017


by May McIntyre

I - I know what I 

K - Know

N - Now because I learned very quickly that I must ask. I asked  - 
so that I kept my sanity. 

O - Otherwise I could never have survived this awful journey.

W - When I needed things clarified - I asked.

W - When I needed to understand.  When I

H - Had to know what to expect.  When I was out of my depth.  When I was 

A - Afraid - I asked. When I needed to fuel myself with knowledge,

T - To familiarise myself with the unknown - I asked. 

I - I always asked! Gathering 

K - Knowledge about a problem or issue is

N - Never easy. Never easy to face up to it. Never easy to face a different future. Different to the one you had planned in your mind. The 

O - One and only 

W - Way to survive this unwanted journey is to ask when you need reassurance and to be fuelled every step of the way with hope. 

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