Saturday, 30 March 2019

What a finish!

Well 29/3 was a flourish of a finish to the current sessions thanks to Skye Loneragan who drew us so far into her dramatic facilitation that we were gargling salt - fantastic.

The good news is that funding for another two years of Water Story has been secured thanks to the  Wellbeing for Longer in Glasgow Fund.

Next session starts on 3rd May 2019, but till then, keep the writing coming in as Angie has with these two pieces (we look forward to seeing her perform live on 13th April).

Meanwhile we await the launch of our

Words Work Well for All Anthology
10th April 2019

Angie's poems below arose from "a rather alternative warm up writing exercise" that she has developed... hmmmm gonnee share it Angie? ; )

Love Lotion

Love, was a lotion I learned how to make myself
in my dreams you were mine
but I didn’t always like butterflies
you spent years running away
from my fingerprints
advancing from one country to the next
finding your passions, you’d say the right things
I was your world
but feelings change
now every single time you come home
I struggle, to know where we are

Angie Strachan

Food for Thought

I denied it, of course
asked few questions
made excuses
on a bad day
you were my, waste of time
decided to reside
in my intestines
connecting my gut
to brain cells and neurons
you took care
of my need
a release from anxiety
a coping strategy
and I’m sure …
over the long term
guilt will become
an uncomfortable emotion

by Angie Strachan

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