Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Oh My Pain

by Sheila Buchanan

In medicine pain implies something that happens when some parts of the body are damaged.  It can be emotional or physical or both.  It is an individual experience and not well understood.

Pain cannot be measured.
It is a four letter word
My pain is full on All day long
And night time too
Same pain
Different for me and for you.

Heat or cold applied to the site
Supposed to relieve
This terrible shite

Tell your doctor the internet says
The doctor implies he hasn’t a clue
Take a pill That will do.

Time will heal
You’ve heard the spiel
We’ll take more pictures
As we obviously can
No holds barred
Its chronic now.

Good luck friend
Be on your way
Bad news is
Pain is here to stay.

But don’t worry I’m FINE.

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